Thursday, April 2, 2009

Plastic Surgery: The Facts


The toxin Botulism is injected into the face, paralysing the muscles and preventing lines from developing. It can last up to five months, but for the effects to last beyond that it's necessary to have further injections. Botox can also result in droopy eyelids and short-term flu-like symptoms.


If you are thinking of having an augmentation take into consideration that what suits you at 25 (ie bigger breasts) won't necessarily suit you ten years on. Also, think about your body's natural proportions. If you have a small frame, large implants will not only look out of place but could stretch and permanently scar the skin around your breasts.


Elasticity in the skin is the key to a good result from liposuction. However, smoking and excessive sun damage can both affect your elasticity, causing a lumpy or rippling effect. There is also the chance of scarring.


This procedure is for the treatment of fine lines. Peels involve a chemical liquid being applied to the face to dissolve superficial layers of the skin. It can cause discolouration and in severe cases, burns.

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