Sunday, October 10, 2010

Starting The Conversation

Having a healthy love life is an essential part of being in a healthy relationship. But when it comes to talking about sex, nobody is born with the gift of gab: we blush, we cringe, we'd sooner discuss the economy. But if you begin the conversation with the things you love about your partner, then it becomes easier to talk about the ways in which you express that love, including sex. It's called a "constructive compliment".

For example, if foreplay isn't lasting long enough, tell your partner something like, "I love it when you kiss me; I just want those kisses to go on and on."

That is way better than saying.. 

"You don't understand women; you just go straight for the goods!"

The key to any relationship talk is to maintain a spirit of positive communication. You only have one love life and you  deserve to live it to the fullest. Take it from me: a sex talk today keeps the sex-doctor away :)

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