Sunday, February 1, 2009

Orgasm Insurance !

Commit to these habits and you'll be a VERY happy woman.

1. Flex your muscles.

Strong pelvic muscles equals intense contractions. Strengthen yours with Kegel exercises. To do them, squeeze you PC muscles (the ones that stop the flow of urine) for 10 seconds, then release. Work up to 100 reps a day.

2. Get sweaty.

Regular heart-pumping exercise improves blood flow, which boosts sexual arousal. Even taking a jog right before sex could make an orgasm more intense.

3. Eat right.

Need another reason to eat more fruits and vegetables? A healthy diet can help keep pelvic tissues soft and puffy, important for boosting sexual response.


The nicotine and other chemicals in cigarettes constrict capillaries and choke off pelvic blood flow.

5. Go easy on the booze.

Yes, a glass of wine can make you feel sexy, but watch out if you have more than a few drinks. alcohol can dampen your ability to become aroused and may delay orgasm because it slows the central nervous system.

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Anonymous said...

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