Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Sexy Hair in 1 mnt flat

Speed Strategy 1 :

For hair that falls flat during the day, add lift in seconds by flipping you head upside down. finger-comb the roots ( especially at the nape of your neck, where hair gets matted). Throw it back and shake it into place.

Speed Strategy 2 :

To wake up with soft, sexy waves, mist your hair lightly with water or styling spray before bed. Divide hair into 2-inch sections and braid them loosely (bigger braids make larger waves). In the morning, take a minute to undo them and blend the sections together with your fingers.

Speed Strategy 3 :

For volume, pull hair into a ponytail on top of your head and spritz the roots with a quick dry hairspray. Wait 30 seconds, take it down, shake your head and fullness is yours.

... what I read

Monday, November 24, 2008

Chicken Breast

People always asked me how I manage to stay slim even after having four kids. I do believe it's the food I eat. Me & my hubby love food, who doesn't? We eat what we like, occasionally. I cook for my family, three quarter of the time.. I think. When I cook, mostly they are simple food, I mean, easy to cook food and not expensive.

Whenever I go marketing, I only buy chicken breasts. I never buy a whole chicken. Chicken breast meat is healthier, cheaper and easier to clean. When I married my husband, he told me he only eats breast meat. I didn't like it at first, but I learned to love eating chicken breast meat. But sometimes when I got the chance, I would still like to eat the boney part.

I don't really snack. When I'm asked the question 'how u maintain?', I simply say 'I don't snack'. I do, sometimes but only half a bite. I'm not saying I'm dieting, I just say I watch what I eat. Sometimes I do eat extra portions, specially if it's my mom's cooking or my mom-in-law's cooking. Or, when there's a wedding, just love those Malaysian's Nasi Minyak, Daging Kicap and Kurma Ayam....nyum .. nyum... My favourite thing to snack on? Sliced tomatoes with olive oil. Love it!! Tasty & filling. You should try it, that's why I keep tomatoes in my fridge. Tomatoes are also good for the skin, that's what I read. Honestly, at my age I can put on weight easily so I really have to watch myself. I want to look good, for myself and of course for my hubby.

I've been told I look 10 years younger than my age. Your soul need to be fed as well, not just your body. Food to my soul? Great Love & Good Sex!!

Do you limit your tv time?

A survey found that people who watched less than an hour of tv daily did better on memory tasks than those who watched more. Heavy tube-watchers are also more likely to be overweight and have high-calories, low-nutrient diets, which preliminary research suggests could lead to diseases like Alzheimer's. - what I read