Monday, November 24, 2008

Do you limit your tv time?

A survey found that people who watched less than an hour of tv daily did better on memory tasks than those who watched more. Heavy tube-watchers are also more likely to be overweight and have high-calories, low-nutrient diets, which preliminary research suggests could lead to diseases like Alzheimer's. - what I read

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Anonymous said...

How about the our children aged 1-5 years? Do these appplies to them? I am a bit concern on this because my girl is watching the kiddy programs more than 10 hours a day. The good program like Barney, Wordworld eventualy had assist her to learn about the alphabets, colors, 'do-it-yourself' things, exp:like how to put on your own shirt, shoe or pour your own drink and many more good programs.

Concern Mum.