Saturday, May 2, 2009

What If We Didn't Have To Sleep?

There Would Be No Need For Starbucks

The only people drinking coffee would be those who actually like the taste. So there would be a Starbucks on  every other street corner instead of every corner.

You Couldn't Say, "We Slept Together."

You'd have to be more blunt and say, "We had sex." Also, men wouldn't fall asleep after sex. They would either stay up and chitchat with you all night or they'd just say, "I'm going back to my house now." There wouldn't be any middle ground that would leave you guessing!

The Imaginary Sheep Population

... would wander into absolute chaos due to a lack of being counted. (LOL)

You'd Never Have To Hear

... anyone describe their dreams.

You Would Not Have To Listen To

... those perfect moms and dads who always say, "Oh! We have the best baby! Our little Skyler sleeps through the whole night!" Now new parents would look even more worn out than they already do, as they would have to be dealing with baby 24/7.

There Would Be No Cow-tipping

... what I read