Monday, June 1, 2009

When Men Are Young ...

... they're mildly, well, obsessed with sex. Why is that? Men In their twenties are interested in things they can touch and feel. Bodies are something to derive pleasure from. As men age, though their testosterone production - along with their sex drive - can decrease, and many begin to notice a woman's brain before her bra size.

So, what exactly is going on in a man's mind as he makes the journey from his twenties to his forties? To get the scoop, 98 men were asked eight intimate questions to see what a difference a decade (or two) makes - in a guy's brain and his bed.


in their 20s ...

"she's gotta be good looking"

"good teeth"

"her record collection should put up a decent fight against mine"

"the ability to take a joke. Then u can make fun of her butt and she'll give it right back to you"

in their 30s ...

"passion for who she is, for what she wants in life and in how she treats me and others"

"humor. A lifetime is too long to be bored"

"she has to be intelligent. Dumb girls are a dime a dozen and no fun. If I want dumb, I'll just look in the mirror"

in their 40s ...

"a sense of humor. If she doesn't get the joke, it's not going to work"

"can she stand to live with me?"

"grit, if a woman doesn't have a spine, why bother?"

"being able to see the good in people no matter what the bad stuff is"


in their 20s ...

"a nice C"

"a large C"

"after careful analysis, I have determined that 36C is the optimal size"

"size 38C. It's perfect!"

"D, baby, D!!"

in their 30s ...

"B is a nice handful. But excitable nipples are most important"


"B or C. I don't want to get hit in the head during sex, but I don't want 'em smaller than mine"

"A, I like them manageable and compact"

in their 40s ...

"I take the position women take with me, thank God: it's not the size, it's how you use them"

"smallish- is that A or D?"

"I'm like Mies van der Rohe: less is more"

"her breasts, whatever size, are beautiful"


in their 20s ...

"once a day"

"twice a day. Is there a better way to wake up? A better way to go to sleep? No"


"when I have a girlfriend, four times a day or more. When I'm single, four times a week or more"

in their 30s ...

"I'd like the option of having sex everyday. which would require a relationship"

"Every other day, now that I'm older"

"Four times a week"

"I'd like to give my woman and orgasm seven days a week"

in their 40s ...

"four to five times a week. I'm not a s virile as I used to be"

"I'm married, so one to three times a week is great"

"twice a week"

"my 4-times-a-day days are over, but four times a week is a happy sum"


in their 20s ...


"their softness"

"their bodies"

"the entire contrast between them and me: the smooth skin, the curves, the hips, the breasts"

in their 30s ...

"they give birth"

"they inspire me and make me step up to the plate. I want to be fresh and exciting for them"

"what's not to love"

"that you can never tell what they're thinking, even when they swear they're telling you. That's also my least favorite thing"

in their 40s ...

"it would take an hour to list the chapter headings .... "

"I know I will never understand them, which is enough to keep me fascinated. Then there are the breasts, too"


in their 20s ...

"best, no wrinkles. Worst, they like older guys"

"best, they're still wavering between wild, drunken one-night stands and the looking-for-love stage. Worst, I don't know which one I'm getting"

in their 30s ...

"they're powerful, they truly wear the pants in the universe, but they're super picky. Maybe that's why they're still single and always complaining about it"

"they're sexually peaking, politically aware, relatively secure ... but also conflicted about career and childrearing"

"best, they're confident and stable. Worst, there aren't enough of the good ones left"

in their 40s ...

"the best is that they're wise. The worst is that this means they know all the tricks"

"best, they no longer base their desires on what some guy thinks. Worst, some are defeated, like the parade has passed them by and it's never going to get any better"

"best, they know a lot about what a man likes during sex. Worst, they know a lot about men in general, too"


in their 20s ...

"best, in my prime. Worse, living with my parents"

"I don't have a problem getting an erection. But there's not enough sex available"

"best, things still seem new. Worst, STDs like HIV"

"best, being able to have sex over and over again. Worst, my girlfriend doesn't share this quality"

in their 30s ...

"best, you know how to do it. Worst, you have to do it after the kids are asleep"

"best, you know what you like. Worst, you fall into a routine"

"sex is more spiritual, but I'm slowing down, and so is my sex drive"

in their 40s ...

"the best thing is that I'm no longer a raging hormonal disaster. The worst is that I just keep thinking, I'm one year closer to death"

"the worst is when a woman gets two big handfuls of my love handles"

"everything's better"


in their 20s ...

"more sex"

"I'm drawing a blank"

"playing an amazing (concert) set onstage to a medium-size but responsive crowd and then screwing like James Brown on Viagra immediately afterward"

"eating a pastrami sandwich while having sex"

in their 30s ...

"better than sex"

"the piss you'd been putting off while drinking at the bar"

"laughing with friends and family"

"sex with someone you love .. ? sorry, cliche answer"

in their 40s ...

"raising kids you made from sex"



"happiness, wisdom and eternal life... but only if there was a clause in the contract stipulating you could still have as much sex as you want"


in their 20s ...

"sex is more that orgasm, and love ain't easy"

"I was a virgin at 18, so now I know what sex is like"

"I know it's better to tell a woman that you love her than to keep it to yourself"

"you can tell a woman is having a really good time in bed when you can feel things clench up"

in their 30s ...

"at 18, I never knew that women like sex as much as they do. I thought guys were the only ones who wanted it"

"I know now that you can fall in love over and over again. Just because one meaningful relationship ends doesn't mean there won't be another one down the road"

"when it comes to sex, women don't really want what you see in a porno movie- thank god"

in their 40s ...

"at 18, I thought I knew everything. At 40, I'm starting to understand that I know nothing"

"sex is easier to get and love is harder to find than I imagined"

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Saturday, May 2, 2009

What If We Didn't Have To Sleep?

There Would Be No Need For Starbucks

The only people drinking coffee would be those who actually like the taste. So there would be a Starbucks on  every other street corner instead of every corner.

You Couldn't Say, "We Slept Together."

You'd have to be more blunt and say, "We had sex." Also, men wouldn't fall asleep after sex. They would either stay up and chitchat with you all night or they'd just say, "I'm going back to my house now." There wouldn't be any middle ground that would leave you guessing!

The Imaginary Sheep Population

... would wander into absolute chaos due to a lack of being counted. (LOL)

You'd Never Have To Hear

... anyone describe their dreams.

You Would Not Have To Listen To

... those perfect moms and dads who always say, "Oh! We have the best baby! Our little Skyler sleeps through the whole night!" Now new parents would look even more worn out than they already do, as they would have to be dealing with baby 24/7.

There Would Be No Cow-tipping

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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Perfect 'Cups'

What Do You See ? ... and where's the coffee?

Friday, April 10, 2009

The "Mystery Killer"

Your car is more than just transportation. It is your pride and joy. You wash it, you wax it... you do everything you can think of or that your owner's manual tells you to do to be safe. With all this care you just might be missing the deadliest road hazard of all... your automobile air conditioning system!

Sadly, all air conditioning systems get contaminated and are never properly cleaned. Living organisms such as fungi and bacteria grow in your car's air conditioning system. When you get in the car with wet feet you put moisture in the carpeting that provides a breeding ground for contamination. As your car sits all day in the tropical heat these micro-organisms grow and multiply!!

Then, you get in the car, turn on your air conditioning and direct the cool air directly toward you. If you have a chemical air freshener in your car your air conditioner becomes a 'toxic blender' bathing you in harmful chemical toxins as well as fungi and bacteria.

The most common fungal in Malaysia is called Cladosporium. It is microscopic but DEADLY. In the US alone it is responsible for approximately 5000 deaths a year. It is found in locations as high as Genting Highlands and right down in the middle of the city in buildings straddling the Federal Highway. It is responsible for respiratory problems ranging from a runny nose to fungal infected lungs. It does not discriminate by age or gender. Symptoms are usually misdiagnosed and so it is called The Mystery Killer.

When servicing your car, don't forget to get your air conditioning checked & cleaned.

Use this product inside your car for healthier air to breathe.

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Monday, April 6, 2009

How I Maintain My Weight

... & stay slim after birth. (@48-50 kg, standing 158 cm).

There is no short cut to losing weight. You have to do it slowly, patiently, gracefully & realistically. The most important thing is self discipline. Discipline comes through self-control. Before you can control conditions, you must first control yourself. I'm not saying you shouldn't eat, specially food that you love. You can still enjoy your food, stay fit and maintain a great figure at the same time.

These tips don't just apply for mothers, you who are still single & men can also benefit from some of the tips;

get your tips here.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Plastic Surgery: The Facts


The toxin Botulism is injected into the face, paralysing the muscles and preventing lines from developing. It can last up to five months, but for the effects to last beyond that it's necessary to have further injections. Botox can also result in droopy eyelids and short-term flu-like symptoms.


If you are thinking of having an augmentation take into consideration that what suits you at 25 (ie bigger breasts) won't necessarily suit you ten years on. Also, think about your body's natural proportions. If you have a small frame, large implants will not only look out of place but could stretch and permanently scar the skin around your breasts.


Elasticity in the skin is the key to a good result from liposuction. However, smoking and excessive sun damage can both affect your elasticity, causing a lumpy or rippling effect. There is also the chance of scarring.


This procedure is for the treatment of fine lines. Peels involve a chemical liquid being applied to the face to dissolve superficial layers of the skin. It can cause discolouration and in severe cases, burns.

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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Real Reasons You're So Tired

IF YOU ARE ... feeling tired when you're active, but better as soon as you rest.

It could be, lack of fitness. Energy levels increase as you take regular exercise.

But if you're also ... looking paler, experiencing bouts of breathlessness when you're not particularly active, feeling light-headed or you've recently become pregnant, you could be anaemic. You can become iron deficient due to heavy periods or not eating a sufficient diet of dark, leafy greens and/or red meat.

It's time to see your GP if ... you also have dry skin, experience sensitivity to the cold (even when it's warm) and you've put on more than a stone over six months without altering your lifestyle or diet, as you could have an underactive thyroid. It's quite common, especially if it runs in your family.

IF YOU ARE ... feeling tired when you're rested, but better when you're active.

It could be, you need to be more active. This doesn't have to involve going to the gym, it could be getting off the bus a few stops earlier or using the stairs instead of the lift.

But if you're also ... experiencing weight loss or gain, having trouble sleeping and inexplicably low moods that you can't shake off, you may be struggling with a mild to moderate form of depression. Everyone suffers a degree of depression at some point in their life. Exercise can be just as effective as antidepressants and most mild cases resolve themselves.

It's time to see your GP if ... you've experienced panic attacks, severe anxiety or intrusive, unpleasant thoughts.

IF YOU ARE ... feeling tired, thirsty and faint the day after you've been active.

It could be, you're dehydrated. We need water to run the body's essential systems. If you don't drink enough water or drink too much tea, coffee or alcohol you might get headaches, nausea and tiredness.

But if you're also ... sneezing a lot, have a runny nose and watery eyes, you could have a fever. It can develop at any age, and is more likely if you have a family history of hay fever, eczema or asthma.

It's time to see your GP if ... you have achy muscles and tiredness a long time after an illness (such as glandular fever), as a viral infection can trigger fatigue syndrome. One in 200 women develop it. Your GP can only offer symptom relief. So work through it with regular rest, healthy eating and moderate activity, such as walking.

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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Burning Desire

One of the principles of success is DESIRE: knowing what one wants.

You have been disappointed, you have undergone defeat during the depression, you have felt the great heart within you crushed until it bled. Take courage for these experiences have tempered the spiritual mental of which you made- they are assets of incomparable value.

A BURNING DESIRE to be, and to do is the starting point from which the dreamer must take off. Dreams are not born of indifference, laziness or lack of ambition. If the thing you wish to do is right, and you believe it, go ahead and do it. Put your dreams across, and never mind what 'they' say if you meet with temporary defeat, for 'they' perhaps, do not know that EVERY FAILURE BRINGS WITH IT THE SEED OF AN EQUIVALENT SUCCESS.

One of the main weaknesses of mankind is the average man's familiarity with the word 'impossible'. He knows all the rules which will NOT work. He knows all the things which CANNOT be done.

Another weakness found in altogether too many people, is the habit of measuring everything, and everyone, by their own impressions and beliefs. Some who will read this, will believe that no one can Think And Grow Rich. They cannot think in terms of riches, because their thought habits have been steeped in poverty, want, misery, failure and defeat.

Before we can accumulate riches in great abundance, we must magnetize our minds with intense DESIRE for riches, that we much become money conscious until the DESIRE for money drives us to create definite plans for acquiring it.

Every person who wins in any undertaking must be willing to burn his ships and cut all sources of retreat. Only by so doing can one be sure of maintaining that state of mind known as a BURNING DESIRE TO WIN, essential to success.

Every human being who reaches the age of understanding of the purpose of money, wishes for it. Wishing will not bring riches, but desiring riches with a state of mind that becomes an obsession, then planning definite ways and means to acquire riches, and backing those plans with persistence which does not recognize failure, will bring riches.

One must realize that all who have accumulated great fortunes, first did a certain amount of dreaming, hoping, wishing, DESIRING, and PLANNING before they acquired money. You may as well know that you can never have riches in great quantities, unless you can work yourself into a white heat of DESIRE for money, and actually BELIEVE you will possess it. You might as well know, also that every great leader, from the dawn of civilization down to the present, was a dreamer.

KNOWLEDGE will not attract money, unless it is organized and intelligently directed, through practical PLANS OF ACTION, to the DEFINITE END of accumulation of money. Lack of understanding of this fact has been the source of confusion to millions of people who falsely believe that 'knowledge is power'. It is nothing of the sort! Knowledge is only potential power. It becomes power only when, and if, it is organized into definite plans of action, and directed to a definite end.

If you do not see great riches in your IMAGINATION, you will never see them in you bank balance, as RICHES begin in the form of THOUGHT.



... Napoleon Hill

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Your Sex O'clock

12 AM

Sex before bed can be wonderful because you're calm and relaxed. However, some people don't prioritise their erotic life and try to fit sex into the end of the day slot which isn't ideal.

Sex Style - Provided you're not too sleepy, this can be incredibly sensual sex - you've all the time in the world to experiment and let your imagination run riot and then sleep spooned up together to strengthen that bond. (make sure you don't have that early board 1st-thing-in-the-morning meeting)

Switch Your Sex O'clock - Schedule in a joint 'dentist appointment' for early afternoon and hit the bedroom for some steamy fast-paced sex. You've got half an hour so make the most of it.

7 AM

The '7 am sex crew' is populated by people who like to have a head start in life, to be first off the block and have no problem standing out from the crowd.

Sex Style - Couples who swear by early-bird eroticism find that although their lovemaking is swifter, it is often more connecting. Testosterone levels are at their highest in the morning and a quickie can set you up for the day ahead.

Switch Your Sex O'clock - Try another time. Relax and aim to take time to explore each other's bodies before dinner so you can build up an appetite.

2 PM

This is when your sex hormones are at their peak, you're not as tired as later in the day and you don't have the pressure that the morning can bring. Sex in the afternoon is all about pure passion.

Sex Style - Afternoon passion is about actively choosing sex over other activities. It's about seduction and being naughty because making love in the middle of the day means that you're taking time out to concentrate on being a desirable person.

Switch Your Sex O'clock - Set your alarm and try a 7 am quickie for a change of pace - make it fast, furious and enjoy the dizzying rush of endorphins.


Non-routine sex can often be the best kind; not only does it leave you and your partner with a sense of excitement and anticipation, but it also means neither of you are a slave to your libido or your schedules.

Sex Style- Everything from quickies through to long, slow sessions. If you get versatile with your sex clock then you can suit the sex to your mood, but be careful if you lead busy lives because this can result in no sex at all.

Switch Your Sex O'clock -  Schedule in sex. Send him a text and swap the supermarket for some saturday afternoon fun - you can always buy your groceries later.

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Relationship Happy Therapy

3 most common unhappy habits & how to turn them around ;

1. They've Lost Respect For Each Other

Unhappy couples often talk over each other, which shows a massive lack of respect. Take turns to talk without interruption. Only once they are forced to listen to each other in this way can they start the process of working out how to make each other happy.

2. They Don't Make Eye Contact

Unhappy couples often avoid eye contact when they're speaking to each other. A psychotherapist saw a couple who spent a whole session looking and directing everything they said to him. He asked them to look and speak directly at each other. As soon as they did that they began to really listen to what they were saying. Once they were communicating in this way they instantly felt closer.

3. They Misunderstand Each Other

An expert reveals, of the unhappy couples she meets, often the woman will speak in emotional terms, talking about how things make her feel, and the man will talk in more direct way, taking things at face value without considering the emotional side. She advised them to communicate with their partner in terms they'll understand, with men tapping into their emotional side and women their logical side.

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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Continued ...

... from here

20 Best Healthful Tips

9. Keep Menstrual Cramps At Bay

To reduce the intensity of menstrual symptoms, you can change your diet. Consume less sugar and slightly more protein. Diuretic foods such as eggplant, cucumbers and parsley can help diminish water retention, while calcium supplements and magnesium can help reduce anxiety (always take both). Vitamin B6 can alleviate symptoms of anxiety and tension, and VitaminsE and C can help reduce the intensity of cramps. You can also turn to plants- Angelica, Matrix, Milfoi of Yarrow and Sage - to relieve your pains.

10. Use Seaweed To Stimulate Your Immune System

Japanese seaweed possesses remarkable immunising properties, especially in fighting cancer. Laminaria extract found in seaweed has proven 70% to 84% effective in suppressing intestinal tumours.

11. Reduce Your Cholesterol

First, cut down on saturated fats ... eat lean meat, drink skim milk instead of whole milk and alcohol, in moderation (not more than 2 glasses a day). Do regular exercise and take VitaminE. It reduces the risk of coronary disease. Calcium brewer's yeast, VitaminC and VitaminB6 also combat the accumulation of cholesterol, lecithin, which helps fight excess cholesterol, arteriosclerosis, hypertension and angina. Use poly-unsaturated, non-hydrogenated, cold pressed oil: corn oil, sunflower seed oil, soy and flax. Daily consumption of fish is very beneficial for the arteries.

12. Stop Catching Colds

Avoid coming into close contact with infected persons, especially if they cough or sneeze. Alternatively, there are certain substances found in alcohol that help decongest sinuses. You don't have to get drunk to get better- just sniff some strong alcohol like cognac or brandy and breathe in the fumes.

13. Beat Asthma

Taking VitaminC and Magnesium is an excellent way to prevent asthma attacks. You can also drink two or three cups of strong coffee to breathe more easily during an attack.

14. Care For Your Heart While You Sleep

If you sleep on your stomach or on your left side, you are putting pressure on your heart with the extra body weight. To reduce the strain on your heart, sleep on your right side, or on your back.

15. Put An End To Heartburn

Avoid acidic foods, alcohol, fat or fried food, food that is overcooked, coffee, juice, tomato base products and chocolate. But don't deprive yourself too much. Rather, observe which foods bring on heartburn and avoid them. Also, don't go to sleep right after eating and don't smoke, especially after meals.

16. Exploit Fibre's Goodness

Fibre prevents cardiac disease, certain types of cancer, diabetes, obesity, tooth decay and varicose veins. It is also useful in combating many disorders besides constipation. Good sources of fibre are from fruits, especially apples and prunes and vegetables such as spinach and cabbage. Note that there are numerous types of fibre, and that you should alternate between them.

17. Prevent High Blood Pressure

Diet rich in potassium and calcium are less likely to develop high blood pressure. Fortunately, both are abundantly present in fruits, vegetables, beans, fish, fowl and lean meats.

18. Protect Yourself Against Cancer

The strongest anti-oxidising agent is VitaminE, which is found in wheat germ oil and sunflower seeds. Next comes VitaminC and beta-carotene. Also in red vegetables (like tomatoes), orange ones (carrots), yellow (squash), and dark green (broccoli).

19. Avoid Cancer Cause By Smoking

Drink carrot juice. According to a German Doctor Hans Nieper, if you smoke 60 cigarettes a day but drink four glasses of carrot juice, you will still be less prone to contract cancer that someone who doesn't smoke but who doesn't drink carrot juice.

20. Age With A Healthy Body & Mind

Did you know that sexual activity can keep you looking good as you age? (I AGREE!!!) Studies conducted in Sweden have shown that elderly people who have sexual partners have much more vitality and a better memory than those who do not.

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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

20 Best Healthful Tips

How to ...

1. Fight Ageing

Walking for 30 minutes 3 or 4 times a week is enough to combat ageing.
2. Get Rid of Liver Spots

Take brown seaweed tablet once a day every morning for 15 days a month or apply a cream composed of one teaspoon oxygenated water and 4 1/2 tablespoons lanovaseline every morning and night.

3. Handle Irritation In Your Eye

Before doing anything, make sure you don't do what you absolutely shouldn't: rub or press the eye, lift the eyelid, or remove contact lenses without washing your hands. Let nature do its work... tears and natural eye movements will usually get rid of the irritation. Or try rinsing your eye with some warm water, or with drops. You can pull on the skin around the eyes, but don't touch the eyelid.

4. Avoid Eye Problems Caused by TV and Monitors

Do a few eye exercises, for example- roll your eyes in large circles in both directions; look over to each sides as far as possible and then go from up to down; or scan an imaginary text on the wall from left to right.

5. Treat Insects Bites

Eat asparagus and your sweat will develop an odour that repels insects or apply lemon oil to your skin. If you are bitten, use aloe vera as it has extraordinary powers of soothing skin disorders.

6. Combat Fatigue

Make sure you have enough sleep. In general women need at least 1,200 calories per day and men 1,500. Avoid monotony: a varied diet will be more likely to provide the nutritive elements you need to conserve your energy. Walking is the minimum effort necessary for staying in shape.

7. Prevent Motion Sickness - Naturally

Ginger has been used for centuries to prevent seasickness; using half a teaspoon of ground ginger is more effective than chemical medication in suppressing motion or seasickness.

8. Treat Diarrhoea Without Medication

Avoid all solid food on the first day. Drink liquids like water, apple juice, meat or vegetable boullion and tea. Chinese medicine has always considered ginger one of the best remedies for diarrhoea. Dilute a tablespoon in hot water and add honey.

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 to be continued.... (as I have to run somewhere)

Thursday, February 5, 2009


Superfoods, Super You !

A health-boosting diet doesn't have to equal exotic and expensive. If you want glossy hair, gorgeous skin and a sharper brain, it's the everyday foods that count.

1. GARLIC - There is evidence that garlic is good for the heart. Studies have shown that eating garlic can have a beneficial effect in lowering blood cholesterol levels. Garlic has anti-fungal properties too. If you have athlete's foot you can speed up your recovery by using garlic in a foot soak. Just get some warm water, add two crushed cloves and two tablespoons of cider vinegar, and bathe your feet.

2. TOMATOES - Packed with Vitamin C, they're great for your tissue and boosting your immune system. There are four in a teaspoon of puree and two in dollop of ketchup. If you buy whole tomatoes, choose sun-ripened ones. Lots of tomatoes are picked when they're green and ripened artificially. They won't give you the lycopene benefits (a caratinoid that acts as an antioxidant) because lycopene only develops on the 11th day of the tomato being in the sun.

3. SPINACH - This is really good for you. It's full of folic acid and contains Vitamins A, C & E (an antioxidant). Spinach also contains compounds called lutein and zeaxanthine. These are vital for protecting your eyes against age-related macular degeneration (AMD; an eye disease that leads to reduced vision). 

4. APPLES - The proverb should be 'two apples a day keeps the doctor away'. Because studies has shown that the pectin, the fibre in those two apples can lower your cholesterol by 10% in three weeks. French research found that just the smell of apples was enough to bring down people's blood pressure (So, if your boss is driving you mad, sneak off for an apple break). Apples with deep red skins and pinky flesh contain more betacarotene, which converts into vitamin A in you body, and helps look after your skin, while sourish green apples contain more vitamin C.

5. CABBAGE - Otherwise know as the medicine of the poor. It's full of vitamins and minerals and glucosinolates, which has anti-cancer properties. Everyone should try and eat some for of cabbage- sprouts, kale, broccoli, coleslaw ... everyday!

6. NUTS & SEEDS -  Containing dietary fibre, vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids which are vital for our immune and nervous systems. Nuts are packed with goodness. There's also evidence that they can help protect against heart disease. Walnuts are the best for that. They contain monounsaturated fatty acids, which help the body get rid of cholesterol. Try and have a handful everyday.

7. OILY FISH - You should aim to eat four portions of fish a week. Of those, at least two should be oily fish like mackerel, herring, kippers and sardines. They contain essential fatty acids and lots of vitamin D. Without vitamin D in the body women can't absorb calcium, which is vital for strong bones. Oily fish also contains important minerals like iodine, which helps the thyroid work properly. Without it you'll feel tired and even depressed.

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Erogenous Zones ...

... satisfaction very much guaranteed  [ for married couples only  ; ) ]

The E-Spot (EYES)

Experiments showed that women could experience orgasms from visual aids alone. Choose positions where you see parts of his body that turn you on. Put a pillow under your head while he is on top so you can get better view of him.

The H-Spot (HEAD)

Stimulating the scalp's numerous nerve endings through a head massage can make you feel aroused. He should focus on your temples and behind your ears, gliding his hands all the way down to your collarbone to induce strong sexual arousal in you.

The K-spot (KNEES)

Stimulating the knees causes an increase in muscle tension that stretches upward to trigger an orgasm. Pay attention to the backs of the knees, which have intense nerve endings. Have your man tickle there lightly, while stroking your leg with varying degrees of pressure. Nuzzling a vibrator under the knee will kick-start sensations across your body.

The F-spot (FEET)

Padded with sensitive nerve endings, the feet connect directly to the sexual organs, and massaging them can unlock a wave of sensations. Take a leaf out of the Kama Sutra and get him to massage your feet during sex. Lie on your back and get him to kneel with his knees open around your thighs, so your feet are against his chest. Then ask him to caress them as your have sex.

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Sunday, February 1, 2009

What You Should Know ...

... by now
  1. That the words "easy" and "weight loss" do not belong in the same sentence.
  2. That when someone asks whether they look OK, the only acceptable answer is YES.
  3. That you can fight with your boss... but you can't win.
  4. That those people on TV whose lives always look so effortlessly great? They're not real.
  5. That you should never, ever feel self-conscious in bed, even with the lights on.
  6. That there is very little in life that can't be undone.
  7. That please and thank you actually are magic words.
  8. That if he really loves you, he'll be good to you.
  9. That models have cellulite too, and most men couldn't care less about it. Why should you?
  10. That if you're capable of being happy "someday", you're capable of being happy right now.
  11. That you know what to do. You may just be scared to do it (but don't let that stop you).
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Orgasm Insurance !

Commit to these habits and you'll be a VERY happy woman.

1. Flex your muscles.

Strong pelvic muscles equals intense contractions. Strengthen yours with Kegel exercises. To do them, squeeze you PC muscles (the ones that stop the flow of urine) for 10 seconds, then release. Work up to 100 reps a day.

2. Get sweaty.

Regular heart-pumping exercise improves blood flow, which boosts sexual arousal. Even taking a jog right before sex could make an orgasm more intense.

3. Eat right.

Need another reason to eat more fruits and vegetables? A healthy diet can help keep pelvic tissues soft and puffy, important for boosting sexual response.


The nicotine and other chemicals in cigarettes constrict capillaries and choke off pelvic blood flow.

5. Go easy on the booze.

Yes, a glass of wine can make you feel sexy, but watch out if you have more than a few drinks. alcohol can dampen your ability to become aroused and may delay orgasm because it slows the central nervous system.

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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Skin-Friendly Food Substitutes

Dark Chocolate beats Chocolate Cake

... packed with antioxidants, dark varieties have less sugar than milk chocolate or cake.

Olive Oil beats Vegetable Oil

... vegetable oils, including corn oil, are harder to digest and can lead to inflammation.

Whole Eggs beat Egg Whites

... most of an egg's nutrients, including biotin and lutein, are found in its yolk.

Almond Butter beats Peanut Butter

... peanuts can trigger mild skin irritation, and almonds are a great source of omega-3 fats.

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Foods for Beautiful & Ugly skin

Foods that help if you have ...


What to eat :

Bright red and orange fruits and vegetables have beta carotene, which your body converts to oil-reducing vitamin A. Green leafy vegetables contain vitamin B6, which minimizes swelling, so pimples are reduced.

What to avoid :

Iodine-rich salt, shrimp and seaweed stimulate oil glands, inducing irritation of pores. And although pure chocolate won't cause acne, the sugar in desserts (along with dairy and refined flour) can.


What to eat :

Fruits rich in color (such as berries) have vitamin C to promote anti-aging, skin firming collagen and antioxidants. Orange sea foods, like salmon and lobster, contain astaxanthin, an antioxidant stronger than vitamin C and E.

What to avoid :

Balance sugar intake with cinnamon (1/8 tsp can lower sugar in your blood for two weeks). Avoid taking too much iron, high doses can contribute to wrinkles.


What to eat :

Drink lots of water and eat foods with good fats ( which keep cell walls strong and prevent water loss), like avocado and olive oil, as well as citrus and kiwi (the potassium they contain regulates the body's water levels). Cabbage has sulfur, which can prevent dry, irritated skin.

What to avoid :

Drinks like coffee and black tea dehydrate your internal tissues and skin. Also, margarine and most fried foods contain trans fats and hydrogenated oil, which can deplete levels of good fats and lead to dry skin.


What to eat :

Diuretics, asparagus and parsley included, reduce bloating. Potassium-rich bananas and citrus fruits help maintain a good balance of fluids. Circulation boosters like cayenne pepper can aid in lymphatic drainage around the eyes.

What to avoid :

Salt, which leaches water out of cells, is your biggest enemy, so avoid soy sauce and preserved foods (no cheese or deli meats). Yeast can cause puffiness, and expert also suggests shunning baked goods and alcohol.


What to eat :

Foods rich in biotin (dark greens and meat, for example) can help hair grow faster and stronger. Hair is made of protein, so foods such as beans and eggs are critical for healthy hair growth. Olive oil contains squalene, which helps hair hold on to moisture better.

What to avoid :

If your mane is thinning, avoid supplements with high doses of vitamin A, which could exacerbate the condition,. But do eat nuts like almonds, they contain zinc, which can soothe the scalp irritations that lead to thinning hair.


What to eat :

Sun exposure can cause freckles, so powerful antioxidants ( in dark chocolate, pomegranates and broccoli) that fight sun damage are your best beauty bets. Studies have shown that green tea can protect against sunburn and also help prevent skin cancer.

What to avoid :

Alcohol and processed foods weaken the immune system and therefore make skin more sensitive to sunlight. Watch out for beer in particular, because hops have been known to cause dark spots on skin.


What to eat :

Green and orange veggies increase vitamin A levels, making skin cells shed faster for a radiant, bright complexion. Soybeans and yams contain plant estrogens, which can add luster to your skin. Eating berries will make your pores look smaller too.

What to avoid :

Spices, garlic and onions increase circulation and impart a healthy glow, but don't overdo them or you can end up red in the face. Avoid sugar, caffeine and fried foods, they interfere with nutrient absorption, so skin can become sallow.

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Beautiful You

5 things that make you look tired (even when you're not) :
  1. Eating salty foods ~ sodium can leave you puffy. The rudest awakening comes from the MSG that's often found in Chinese food and soy sauce (yikes ! I love soy sauce, with cili padi). Beware of sauces in general, they're just minefields of salt.
  2. Piling on makeup ~ too much foundation sinks into fine lines and masks your natural glow, making you look older. Also skip too bright cheek color, the contrast can further wash you out.
  3. Sleeping face down ~ fluid pools in your tissues, so you puff up. Sleep on your back.
  4. Wearing reddish shadow ~ eye makeup with red undertones (roses,plums,browns) plays up redness in eyes. Better to go with black liner.
  5. Not enough water ~ dehydration puts you on the fast track to looking prune like. Have a glass of water at bedtime.Justify Full

3 Fast Beautifiers :
  1. Store face cream in the fridge - the coldness temporarily tightens pores, making skin look smoother.
  2. Really soften up - break open an egg, then put the yolk on dry spots, rinse off.
  3. Radiate - apply tinted moisturizer, sweep shimmer powder on cheekbones and brow bones.

Improve your skin :
  1. Put down the doughnuts ~ fried, fatty food trigger the production of free radicals. These nasty little buggers harm cells, making skin more susceptaible to sun damage, and eat away at collagen, the stuff that keeps skin young & plump. Eat foods high in omega-3 fatty acids, like salmon, walnuts and eggs, and brightly colored produce like dark, leafy greens and berries. They minimize damage and give you clearer, smooter skin.
  2. Exfoliate, but not too much ~Exfoliate a minimum of once a week, but never so often that skin feels scratchy or raw. "No pain, no gain" does not apply here.



5 things to eat (and drink) more of :
  1. VEGGIES ~ veggies , colorful veggies
  2. LEAN PROTEIN ~ It's what will keep you feeling satisfied. Think chicken breast or fish
  3. GOOD FATS ~ like the unsaturated ones found in avocados, nuts and olive oil
  4. HEALTHY CARBS ~ the whole grain and unprocessed kind
  5. WATER ~ clear plain water
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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Good SEX for life !

Experts have uncovered something you can do now to keep your sex drive charged in the future : Have plenty of sex in you twenties and thirties. It conditions your brain to want it even after hormone levels drop off. If you need to destress, for example, your brain will seek out activities that have made you feel good in the past, like sex  ; )

B in good mood

It will help you stay healthy .. 5 easy tricks to help you stay upbeat :

  1. Stretch you legs ~ move more during the day, it will make you be more in positive mood than just sitting on your tooshies.
  2. Do something nice ~ be it just holding a door open for a mom with a stroller, little acts of kindness can make you cheery. A research found that doing a variety of good deeds three times a week significantly boosted people's happiness after 10 weeks.
  3. Go easy on yourself ~ a good reason not to obsess over having a few chocolate cookies; people who don't feel bad about indulging in pleasures like SEX, SWEETS, had higher level of disease fighting immunoglobulin A than those who beat themselves up.
  4. Say thanks ~ grateful people are happy people.
  5. Hang some cheer ~ anything different- new adventures, new people, new shoes.... excites our brains and boosts our mood.
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Have Better Sex, Fast

Remember that "stop,drop and roll" fire-safety routine you learned? If sex hurts, these are the first three things you should try:

  1. Stop ~ sex shouldn't be uncomfortable, period. And if it starts out hurting, it's not likely to improve if you keep going without making a change.
  2. Drop ~ a handful of lubricant into your palm and smooth it on both him and you. Even if you're turned on, lube will make sex more comfortable.
  3. Roll Over ~ and try a different position, like woman-on-top. Sometimes the angle just isn't right, and his penis is knocking up against your cervix, ovary or something else.
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Life & Money

Worried bout getting laid off? Here's what to do..

  1. Hoard the $100 you'd blow on weekend dining and plan BYOs with friends.
  2. Micromanage your budget. And chip away at credit card debt as much as possible-there will be less to shoulder if you're ever out of work.
  3. Stop using credit cards period, and live off cash to escape the interest beast.
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Thursday, January 22, 2009

To Update Soon

I have to find time to update ........ found lots of health tips and bookmarked them. Just need to find the right time to update ......