Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Perfect 'Cups'

What Do You See ? ... and where's the coffee?

Friday, April 10, 2009

The "Mystery Killer"

Your car is more than just transportation. It is your pride and joy. You wash it, you wax it... you do everything you can think of or that your owner's manual tells you to do to be safe. With all this care you just might be missing the deadliest road hazard of all... your automobile air conditioning system!

Sadly, all air conditioning systems get contaminated and are never properly cleaned. Living organisms such as fungi and bacteria grow in your car's air conditioning system. When you get in the car with wet feet you put moisture in the carpeting that provides a breeding ground for contamination. As your car sits all day in the tropical heat these micro-organisms grow and multiply!!

Then, you get in the car, turn on your air conditioning and direct the cool air directly toward you. If you have a chemical air freshener in your car your air conditioner becomes a 'toxic blender' bathing you in harmful chemical toxins as well as fungi and bacteria.

The most common fungal in Malaysia is called Cladosporium. It is microscopic but DEADLY. In the US alone it is responsible for approximately 5000 deaths a year. It is found in locations as high as Genting Highlands and right down in the middle of the city in buildings straddling the Federal Highway. It is responsible for respiratory problems ranging from a runny nose to fungal infected lungs. It does not discriminate by age or gender. Symptoms are usually misdiagnosed and so it is called The Mystery Killer.

When servicing your car, don't forget to get your air conditioning checked & cleaned.

Use this product inside your car for healthier air to breathe.

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Monday, April 6, 2009

How I Maintain My Weight

... & stay slim after birth. (@48-50 kg, standing 158 cm).

There is no short cut to losing weight. You have to do it slowly, patiently, gracefully & realistically. The most important thing is self discipline. Discipline comes through self-control. Before you can control conditions, you must first control yourself. I'm not saying you shouldn't eat, specially food that you love. You can still enjoy your food, stay fit and maintain a great figure at the same time.

These tips don't just apply for mothers, you who are still single & men can also benefit from some of the tips;

get your tips here.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Plastic Surgery: The Facts


The toxin Botulism is injected into the face, paralysing the muscles and preventing lines from developing. It can last up to five months, but for the effects to last beyond that it's necessary to have further injections. Botox can also result in droopy eyelids and short-term flu-like symptoms.


If you are thinking of having an augmentation take into consideration that what suits you at 25 (ie bigger breasts) won't necessarily suit you ten years on. Also, think about your body's natural proportions. If you have a small frame, large implants will not only look out of place but could stretch and permanently scar the skin around your breasts.


Elasticity in the skin is the key to a good result from liposuction. However, smoking and excessive sun damage can both affect your elasticity, causing a lumpy or rippling effect. There is also the chance of scarring.


This procedure is for the treatment of fine lines. Peels involve a chemical liquid being applied to the face to dissolve superficial layers of the skin. It can cause discolouration and in severe cases, burns.

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