Sunday, January 25, 2009

B in good mood

It will help you stay healthy .. 5 easy tricks to help you stay upbeat :

  1. Stretch you legs ~ move more during the day, it will make you be more in positive mood than just sitting on your tooshies.
  2. Do something nice ~ be it just holding a door open for a mom with a stroller, little acts of kindness can make you cheery. A research found that doing a variety of good deeds three times a week significantly boosted people's happiness after 10 weeks.
  3. Go easy on yourself ~ a good reason not to obsess over having a few chocolate cookies; people who don't feel bad about indulging in pleasures like SEX, SWEETS, had higher level of disease fighting immunoglobulin A than those who beat themselves up.
  4. Say thanks ~ grateful people are happy people.
  5. Hang some cheer ~ anything different- new adventures, new people, new shoes.... excites our brains and boosts our mood.
...what I read

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DrSam said...

simple but yet so effective.