Thursday, March 12, 2009

Relationship Happy Therapy

3 most common unhappy habits & how to turn them around ;

1. They've Lost Respect For Each Other

Unhappy couples often talk over each other, which shows a massive lack of respect. Take turns to talk without interruption. Only once they are forced to listen to each other in this way can they start the process of working out how to make each other happy.

2. They Don't Make Eye Contact

Unhappy couples often avoid eye contact when they're speaking to each other. A psychotherapist saw a couple who spent a whole session looking and directing everything they said to him. He asked them to look and speak directly at each other. As soon as they did that they began to really listen to what they were saying. Once they were communicating in this way they instantly felt closer.

3. They Misunderstand Each Other

An expert reveals, of the unhappy couples she meets, often the woman will speak in emotional terms, talking about how things make her feel, and the man will talk in more direct way, taking things at face value without considering the emotional side. She advised them to communicate with their partner in terms they'll understand, with men tapping into their emotional side and women their logical side.

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