Thursday, February 3, 2011

Amazing Skin & Hot Looking Boobs!

All-time Top Tips For Amazing Skin :)

1. Stay clear of sugar~ It triggers blemish-causing hormones. "Go for low-glycaemic foods like rye bread."

2. Opt for fruit~ When you eat hydrating fruits and vegetables like grapefruit and cucumber, the water penetrates and plumps cells better than drinking water does. 

3. Cool as a cucumber~ Maximise the cooling effect of cucumber by shredding it - it'll cover more of your puffy eyes than 2 little slices. 

4. Don't Yo-Yo diet ~ When your body weight fluctuates, it loosens elasticity and makes skin sag... Don't forget a fuller face can make you look younger, so be wary of drastic weight loss.

5. Cell clearout~ Reach for a facial scrubber once a week to remove dead skin cells. 

6. Boost your brows~ Lush, thick eyebrows like Beyonce's give a more youthful appearance than overplucked arches- Fill in sparse patches with a lash enhance. 

Well, I do have a little tip to add. Not that no one knows sleeping till the sun is right up there above your head does nothing good for your skin, plus sleeping way pass your bedtime?? My teenage daughter asked me how come I have less breakout. 

"Well sayang, I am much older than you, and my crazy hormone is more stable now. You are growing up, so, chill... And wake up early in the morning and MANDIK AWAL!!"

You're a science student, it's common sense. Staying in bed all day heats up your body, thus, giving you unnecessary breakouts. 

So guys, treat yourself well. Don't be like me.. It's almost noon now and I'm still in my pyjamas. *shame* ...And enjoying a full glass of my fresh orange juice. Later love :)

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CJane said...

Good tips. Thanks for sharing! I'm currently on my 3rd day of no-sugar attempt. Trying to lose A LOT of weight for the sake of self confidence. lol

By the way, long time no see! :D