Thursday, March 12, 2009

Your Sex O'clock

12 AM

Sex before bed can be wonderful because you're calm and relaxed. However, some people don't prioritise their erotic life and try to fit sex into the end of the day slot which isn't ideal.

Sex Style - Provided you're not too sleepy, this can be incredibly sensual sex - you've all the time in the world to experiment and let your imagination run riot and then sleep spooned up together to strengthen that bond. (make sure you don't have that early board 1st-thing-in-the-morning meeting)

Switch Your Sex O'clock - Schedule in a joint 'dentist appointment' for early afternoon and hit the bedroom for some steamy fast-paced sex. You've got half an hour so make the most of it.

7 AM

The '7 am sex crew' is populated by people who like to have a head start in life, to be first off the block and have no problem standing out from the crowd.

Sex Style - Couples who swear by early-bird eroticism find that although their lovemaking is swifter, it is often more connecting. Testosterone levels are at their highest in the morning and a quickie can set you up for the day ahead.

Switch Your Sex O'clock - Try another time. Relax and aim to take time to explore each other's bodies before dinner so you can build up an appetite.

2 PM

This is when your sex hormones are at their peak, you're not as tired as later in the day and you don't have the pressure that the morning can bring. Sex in the afternoon is all about pure passion.

Sex Style - Afternoon passion is about actively choosing sex over other activities. It's about seduction and being naughty because making love in the middle of the day means that you're taking time out to concentrate on being a desirable person.

Switch Your Sex O'clock - Set your alarm and try a 7 am quickie for a change of pace - make it fast, furious and enjoy the dizzying rush of endorphins.


Non-routine sex can often be the best kind; not only does it leave you and your partner with a sense of excitement and anticipation, but it also means neither of you are a slave to your libido or your schedules.

Sex Style- Everything from quickies through to long, slow sessions. If you get versatile with your sex clock then you can suit the sex to your mood, but be careful if you lead busy lives because this can result in no sex at all.

Switch Your Sex O'clock -  Schedule in sex. Send him a text and swap the supermarket for some saturday afternoon fun - you can always buy your groceries later.

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